INDUSTRY NEWS – September 2018

A medical plan which covers pre-existing conditions and has a 0 day stability! Difficult to insure travel clients?
Manulife offers a medical plan which covers pre-existing conditions and has a 0 day stability!


  • Flex Term – policy fee  vacation  – details HERE
  • Are you leaving money on the table? Watch the video HERE
  • Cost-efficient Whole Life solution for your healthy clients – details HERE
  • LIA E-app – details HERE

  • True benefits of travel deals and perks – more HERE
  • Promoting Visitors to Canada Travel Insurance is Easy – more HERE

  • One reason to choose the BMO Insurance Whole Life Plan – more HERE
  • Health Advocate™ Plan – details HERE
  • Smart App update – HERE
  • UL in 2 minutes – watch the video HERE
  • Be Prepared for the Unexpected CI Facts HERE
  • Learn more about the BMO Insurance Whole Life Plan! – details HERE

  • Revision of Disability Rates – details HERE
  • High-end, Simplified issue disability insurance – details HERE

  • Use the  StartRight disability insurance grad program to start building a relationship with them as they enter their careers – more HERE
  • Special Rate on Term Insurance – details HERE
  • Why Complicate Insurance – use term – details HERE
  • AML Program Update to remain compliant – more HERE

  • Add a personalized commercial to your website with your contact information- view sample commercials : HERE
  • Loyalty Program – details HERE

  • Fast & Full Non-Face-to-Face limit increase to $5 Million – details HERE
  • CI Protect 20 and Protect 20 Plus – details HERE
  • Fast & Full Life App. earns 10% more than paper! – details HERE
  • Insight Aug. 15

  • Summer Sweepstakes with EZcomplete – details HERE
  • EZcomplete® online application reduces time-to-issue by an average of 5 days! Log in for details HERE
  • Advisor Code of Conduct – HERE 
  • Online PDU | Preferred Pricing | UL Fund Facts | Details in the Edge Newsletter HERE

  • Marketing resources to build your  business HERE
  • Cascading Life Insurance Concept – details HERE
  • Update on Identity Theft – details HERE
  • Doing more for Members and their Families – more HERE
  • Quit Smoking Incentive – details HERE
  • Children’s Insurance Benefit video – watch it HERE

  • HuGO (web based)  instantly issues, in the majority of cases, personalized term life insurance based on the client’s risk profile – more HERE
  • Insurance Without Medical Exam  – details HERE
  • Friday Webinars are back ! – details HERE
  • E-App Learners Guide

  • With Guaranteed Access – All your Clients are Accepted – details HERE 
  • Riders Now Available with Assure&Go – details HERE
  • Simplified Life Insurance with AccessLife – details HERE

  • A more focused way to sell Term – more HERE
  • Reprice for TermSelect™ 10, 20 year term standalone coverage’s take effect on Monday August 13, 2018 – details HERE
  • AppVantage eApp Training: September 4th 2018 @ 1pm– register  | September 11th 2018 @ 1pm  register| September 18th 2018 @ 1pm register| September 25th 2018 @ 1pm register
  • Help your clients protect the layers of their life – details HERE
  • Ready to share content for clients – details HERE
  • It’s even easier to use E-App – details HERE

  • EquiBuild is a flexible life insurance product that combines growth and liquidity – Learn more HERE
  • Term insurance renewal letter – details HERE
  • CI & Millenials – tools to help you – details HERE
  • IA Connected   Aug 13  | Aug 27
  • CI product release  – details HERE Answers at your fingertips: ACB, beneficiaries, policy summary – details HERE

  • Difficult to insure travel clients?
    Manulife offers a medical plan which covers pre-existing conditions and has a 0 day stability! medical underwriting policy HERE
  • Extended Health Care rate adjustment – more HERE
  • Overhead expense disability insurance – tax consequences – more HERE
  • Manu & PAR – better together – more HERE
  • New Communication – Reason Why Letter – HERE
  • As a Matter of Law – Capacity assessments could become the new normal for beneficiary
    designations – read more HERE

  • Unique Non-Face-to-Face (NF2F) platform – complete an application with only voice authorization – no signature required! The NF2F platform is now available on Webinars Tuesdays at 2pm : Click Here      Fridays at 10:30am: Click Here
  • Specialty Life offers unique solutions to clients that would otherwise be deemed uninsurable. With up to $300,000 in coverage available, there is no medical condition, no matter how serious or recent, that would disqualify a potential client from acceptance.
  • Guaranteed Issue up to $50,000
    —- get all the details HERE

  • Engage with your clients on Social Media – learn how HERE
  • Extreme Disability Benefit – details HERE
  • Offer an all-in-one insurance solution to your clients – Learn more HERE 
  • Term Plus – more than just life insurance – details HERE
  • Universal Life and Estate Protection – A Winning Combination – details HERE
  • Inheritance boom: optimizing your estate’s liquid assets – details HERE


  • New Funds to BMO GIF – more HERE
  • You and your client no longer need to apply for GIF 100/100 Prestige Class – details HERE
  • SPIA RPP Additional Information Form and Application – Read more

  • 6 New Seg Funds – details HERE

  • Back-to-school | It’s time to think about withdrawing from your RESP – more HERE
  • RESP  Enrollment | Indexia Funds and more HERE
  • Series 75/ 100 – Electronic Reset – more HERE
  • IA Connected   Aug 13  | Aug 27

  • Changes to Investment Accounts – more HERE
  • Investment Account: New No Redemption Fee  Options – more HERE


  • Intra-family loans to split income and save taxes is a good family tax-saving strategy that can save significant tax dollars – more HERE  (log in required)
  • Canadian Securities | Seg fund changes | and more – latest Infosource HERE
  • Changes to Seg Fund Contracts – No Load Sales Charge Option – details HERE 

  • Demography influencing inflation and interest rates – read more here
  • Fund Additions and Changes – details HERE
  • Loan Insurance with Term Plus – details HERE
  • Quebec’s rules concerning transfers from a LIF to an RRSP or a RRIF – details HERE


  • Keep Accurate and Substantial Books and Records
    Well maintained files are an Advisor’s best protection. Customer files should contain enough information to demonstrate that a needs-based sale took place. A well maintained file should contain copies of the material that (or detailed notes on what) was provided to the customer.
  •  You must make any and all files available to the MGA and/ or insurer upon request for an inspection.
    Guidelines under Self Assessment or contact for assistance on record keeping practices.