About Us

Since 1964, Copoloff Insurance Agencies Inc. has been a leading Managing General Agency (MGA) which built its reputation on the highest level of integrity, trust and commitment.

A family owned business which was developed (and continues to do so) on long standing relationships through the philosophy of traditional values. From the first “business handshake” based on trust, our Advisors know they are our priority and we are dedicated to them in every way.

We have created solid relationships with Canada’s top insurance companies and are committed to offering only the highest standard of service and products for all of your clients’ needs.

You can count on us to deliver industry leading support that will exceed your expectations.

Top image from left to right:   Sidney and Phil Copoloff- Copoloff 25th Anniversary (1989) | Sidney Copoloff 1959 | Shelly, Sid, Lottie and Charles- Copoloff 25th Anniversary (1989)

Success is almost totally dependent upon drive and persistence. The extra energy required to make another effort or try another approach is the secret of winning.” – Denis Waitley

Copoloff History

It began in 1959 with a suitcase full of determination and a commitment to succeed. Back then insurance policies, like encyclopedias and vacuum cleaners, were sold door to door, one sale at a time.

Following his brother’s lead, Sidney decided insurance was his way into the workforce but for six weeks he was refused, “you’re too young, kid.”  Tenacious as he was, he knocked on doors daily confronting obstacles with a “never give up” attitude.  Sidney easily connected with people, as his client base grew, so did his vision.

With success habits quickly falling into place he envisioned growth and would soon mastermind changes in the insurance industry that would better serve Agencies, Advisors and their Clients.

In 1964 Copoloff Insurance Agencies was established and so began a company led by the entrepreneurial spirit of a man with a vision that reached beyond the scope of the insurance industry.

In the early 1980’s, curious about their father’s work environment, daughter Shelly and son Charles both joined the company. Sidney’s wife Lottie was and still remains today an invaluable partner supporting him every step of the way.

Copoloff Insurance Agencies was founded on the principles of family values and trust, one connection at a time. Today, it is a company with a group of strong, talented individuals fostered by the distinguished career of a man. Through Sidney’s tireless teachings and mentorship the existing operations provide a solid framework to evolve with the times for the long term.