March 2021


Supplier Company Updates – March

Assumption Life
  • The best investment you’ll make this year! – more HERE
  • Latest News on Bonus, Webinars and more HERE
  • No Medial Insurance Quick Reference Guide HERE
  • Update
  • Log in for E-app
BMO Insurance
  • BMO GIF Performance Portal – more HERE
  • More flexibility with Joint Term – more HERE
  • Whole Life: One product. Two plan options- more HERE
  • The estate wedge: a new way to build value – more HERE
  • Policyowner verification process change – more HERE
Blue Cross
  • Electronic application contest – details HERE
Canada Life
  • Position on life insurance and living benefits claims related to vaccines – HERE
  • Treasury volatility, rising commodity prices and continued Canadian labour market challenges – HERE
  • Transition & Succession Planning Series – HERE
  • Making single start a routine part of your digital business – more HERE
  • Visit Combined Strengths for an updated RRSP toolkit you can use to help with your client conversations
  • Start the new year with the special term sales offer (4 free months premium)- more HERE
Canada Protection Plan
La Capitale
  • Clients can take advantage of  1.50% GIC promotional rate – more HERE
  • Create tailor-made investment account allocations from your advisor profile – more HERE
  • Free coverage in the event of hospitalization due to COVID-19 –  more HERE
  • Withdrawal of the HBP-RRSP loan – more HERE
  • January Newsletter HERE
Dynacare / Exam One
  • To adhere to the mandatory curfew implemented in Quebec, appointments are being scheduled until 6:00 p.m.
  • Business “as usual” in red zones and locked down areas  – more HERE
  • COVID-19 Preparation Guide – Home Visits – update HERE
  • COVID-19 Preparation Guide – Fixed Facilities update HERE
Empire Life
  • 2021 Financial Facts Tip Sheet – National Version | Quebec Version
  • Term Conversion to Permanent Participating Whole Life Plans with Additional Deposit Option – more HERE
  • Tips To Speed Up Files Through Underwriting – HERE
  • Now available on-demand: Shared Ownership of Critical Illness Insurance Coverages – more HERE
  • Dividend Growth GIF is positioned for the post-COVID 19 world – more HERE
  • Help clients protect their businesses by insuring their health using a shared ownership strategy HERE
  • Empire Life now accepts eSignatures for beneficiary changes and ownership changes? more HERE
  • INSIGHTMarch 19
Equitable Life June
  • Equitable Bank : Finding cash flexibility in an uncertain economy – more HERE
  • Electronic policy delivery update – more HERE
  • Help your clients this tax season with Equitable Life – more HERE
  • 2021 Facts and Figures – get it HERE
  • Position Equitable Life® with your clients- more HERE
  • Evidence of Insurability requirements extended – more HERE
  • Temporary Change to Critical Illness Insurance Non-medical limits – more HERE
  • Refreshed Advantage Plus maintains competitiveness – more HERE
  • New! Detailed Underwriting Guide – HERE
  • Updated Non-Face-To-Face Guidelines – details HERE
  • Help your clients live a healthier life – more HERE
  • Now accepting DocuSign for in-force forms – more HERE
  • PAIRE/P.A.I.E and P.A.G.E products removal – more HERE
  • Disability Insurance Redefined – more HERE
  • Changes relating to our electronic communication Procedure – details HERE
  • T100 Life Insurance Without Medical Exam – details HERE
  • Update
  • Non Medical & E-app
Industrial Alliance
  • Accelerated application and instant decision, and so much more, with EVO – more HERE
  • Discover Segregated Funds in 6 Questions – more HERE
  • The 2021 Tax reference sheet, your planning ally! – get it HERE
  • Did you know that the total value of assets under management in Canadian responsible investment funds jumped 48% gain over two years – read more HERE
  • Final good-bye to AppVantage
  • NEW! Now, protecting your client’s security is as easy as 1, 2…DONE – Action required – more HERE
  • ivari 360 – New Digital Experience – more HERE (log in required)
  • The new way to add a Critical Illness Protection Rider- more HERE
  • ivari client portal – New features – details HERE
  • The Virtual Way to Sell – more HERE
  • The truth about COVID-19 vaccination and insurance coverage – more HERE
  • New Advisor Portal – more HERE
  • Ask the Disability Insurance Experts – Underwriting & Claims – April dates HERE
  • Permanent Insurance Advisor Playbook – get it HERE 
  • Increased fluid testing limits for our life insurance products – more HERE
  • 2021 Tax Rate Card – HERE
  • Videos, podcasts and articles to help you build your business. Plus underwriting handbooks and quick reference tax tables are available at your fingertips  – get it all HERE
Specialty Life
  • New Term 100 as part Evolution series powered by Jenie – more HERE
  • Launch of Evolution: powered by real-time (instant) virtual underwriter ! T10, 20, 30 life insurance plans, up to $1M in coverage and no additional requirements (medicals, etc.). product details HERE
  • Non Medical & E-app
  • Term Insurance for Mortgage and Loan Coverage: An Opportunity in Your Own Backyard – more HERE
  • New Fund Manager GQG Partners – June 2021
  • Institutional Investing with Guarantees and Lower Fees – more HERE
  • Easier access to individual insurance documentation – more HERE
  • Exceptional 1.25% rate on the 18 month Select GIA – more HERE
  • March webinar series –  details HERE
Sun Life Insurance
  • Strategic Partner Program 2021 – more HERE
  • National Webinars – register HERE
  • Exclusive new benefits – Strategic Partner Program 2021 – more HERE
  • Sun Par Accumulator II now offers improved growth at a lower cost. Above par – details HERE
  • Critical Illness Insurance with benefits right away – more HERE
Travel Insurance News
  • TUGO
    • TuGo’s Underwriter Change Effective Immediately – more HERE
    • Traveller & Visitors Updates – more HERE
    • Introducing TuGo’s COVID-19 Insurance – more HERE
  • Allianz Global
    • Online Claims Portal: Faster Processing Time – more HERE
    • Prepare for the return of travel Register for webinar training HERE
    • Further Restrictions on International Travel – more HERE
    • COVID-19 Plan FAQ Update – PCR Testing – more HERE and  HERE
  • Blue Cross Travel
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