May 2019

Industry News – May 2019


  • Better Mortgage Insurance – Rate Calculator – more HERE
  • LIA Q&A – sales platform LIA


  • Visitors to Canada Travel Insurance just got easier – more HERE
  • Help boost your travel sales this summer – more HERE


  • A new video to help you start a conversation with your clients on permanent insurance – watch it HERE
  • Lower Premiums on Term – more HERE

  • High-end, Simplified issue disability insurance – details HERE

  • New Advisor Assist Program – details HERE
  • Marijuana up to 4x a week is a non-smoker – more HERE
  • Easy to use referral document ,ask your clients to  refer you today – get it HERE

  • A unique way to complete your clients’ life insurance – The Provider rider is the solution – details HERE
  • Underwriting Guide – HERE

  • Reducing rates on Solution 20 and Solution 30 – more HERE
  • Insight –  June 5

  • An EZ way to conduct your out-of-town business – more HERE
  • Term – offer piece of mind and an affordable price more HERE

  • Help clients quite smoking – an incentive for a healthy lifestyle – more HERE
  • Start powerful conversations with prospective clients with the help of client brochures – more HERE

  • Digital Media Tools to help you easily promote products through social media, web and email platforms – more HERE
  • Acci-Jet Program now offers a 100% simplified coverage in the event of an illness – more HERE

  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Privacy Compliance – important information and changes – details HERE

  • Promoting the GI benefit: a WOW for you and your client! – more HERE
  • IA Connected – June

  • What’s New in Health and Dental – details HERE
  • E-application – details HERE




  • Launch of E-App for Life and CI – more HERE



  • Enhancements to BMO Guaranteed Investment Funds – more HERE

  • Support client conversations and recommendations for segregated and mutual funds, we created a new portfolio recommendation tool – get it HERE
  • Mackenzie proposes changes that impact segregated funds – more HERE

  • Pre-fill applications for even faster processing with the Fast & Full Investment App – get it HERE
  • Get the power of automatic resets working for clients with Empire Life GIF 75/100 – more HERE
  •  Maximize the Estate Value of the Holdings in Your Clients’ TFSAs – more HERE
  • Insight –  June 5 

  • Investment accounts that are unique on the market, for the same price as mutual investment funds – details HERE
  • Saving and Investments Page – HERE

  • Dividend Scale 2019 – HERE


  • RESP Withdrawal Guide | Your ally for the end of school – get it HERE
  • IA Connected – June

  • Solutions online – Connecting with clients just got a whole lot easier – more HERE




  • Changes to Investment Products and Fund Offerings – more HERE