INDUSTRY NEWS – August 2017


  • Not all simplified CIs pay 95% of all CI claims – Critical Protection does – details HERE
  • LIA E-app – details HERE
  • LIA Q&A – sales platform LIA

  • Have you stress tested your client’s 10 Pay Whole Life Policy? – details HERE
  • Anti-Money Laundering – Common Reporting Standards – details HERE
  • Introducing The BMO Insurance Whole Life Plan – a new non-participating whole life insurance plan  | details HERE | Product overview  | Click HERE for a list of launch dates and locations


  • High-end, Simplified issue disability insurance – details HERE

  • AML legislative changes: new methods for identifying clients details HERE  |  Important Application Changes – details HERE    |   New Updated Forms – details HERE
  • New.Business.Now E-app – details HERE   New Business Now Policies are processed 1/3 faster  details HERE
  • Disability and critical illness insurance product overview brochure updated – details HERE
  • Share this site with your clients, they will uncover the facts! Watch this compelling video

  • 2017 Summer Update
    Rating – Adjustments | Pillar Series |Promotion |Links to documentation in the illustration software and more get it all HERE


  • New CI Rider – details HERE
  • Individual Insurance Forms Update – HERE
  • New Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Common Reporting Standard (CRS) requirements details HERE
  • E-app : Start using EZcomplete today login required   EZcomplete training video

  • Common Reporting Standards – details HERE
  • Take another look at the repriced T20 – details HERE
  • 5 term sales concepts to grow your business – details HERE
  • Check out the Term 30 “sweet spots” HERE

  • Reduction in QC premiuim Tax –  Update March 29, 2017 : The Quebec Minister of Finance tabled the 2017 budget, wherein the premium tax for Quebec residents is extended. As a result, the reduction stated below will be postponed to April 1, 2022 – details HERE

  • Webinar training for the electronic application:
    Tuesday, August 8th at 1pm EDT – Click here to register
    Tuesday, August 15th at 1pm EDT – Click here to register
    Tuesday, August 22nd at 1pm EDT – Click here to register
  • Register to use the eApp by calling 1.800.646.1481
  • VIDEO Telus Insure app  –  click HERE Easier to use, more efficient and intuitive interface  |  Works on all devices, including tablets and iPad  |  A faster signature process,  allows for digital signatures on the pages required

  • New operational rules and legal requirements (AML) – details HERE
  • IA Connected – June 
  • EVO platform – details HERE

  • Changes to Universal Life – details HERE
  • Now in effect: Insurance forms and process changes due to CRS and AML – details HERE
  • E-application – details HERE
  • Lifecheque Basic Critical Illness – Easy Acceptance – details HERE
  • Manulife Vitality – Live Health. Earn Rewards. Save Money.  details HERE |  Watch the video HERE

                                                                                       Check out the Copoloff Calendar HERE


  • New SPIA RPP Additional Information Form and Application – Read more
  • New funds now available in BMO GIF 100/100 – Read more

  • AML legislative changes: new methods for identifying clients details HERE  |  Important Application Changes – details HERE    |   New Updated Forms – details HERE
  • Update: New Sales of Generations (Core I and II) Seg Funds to end March 17, 2017 – details HERE
  • The power of compound interest and why “save early, save often” is a great strategy for long-term investment goals
    watch the video HERE.

  • Sign up today for the GoEmpire Digital Marketing Toolkit to help you make connections with client
  • New Online Application for Seg Funds – Details HERE
  • Insight   Aug 22    Sept 7  Sept. 22
  • Investment Illustrator has been updated featuring Class Plus 2.1.Version 2.6 of the illustrator is now available. Details HERE
  • Emblem GIF Portfolios deliver tactical asset management, transparency and downside protection. Discover how Emblem brings together the art and science of investing. details HERE

  • End of Transfer Fee Reimbursement Program – details HERE

  • 6 New Seg Funds – details HERE

  • New operational rules and legal requirements (AML) – details HERE

  • What you need to know as we integrate your clients’ segregated fund contracts – details HERE
  • Manulife launches Transfers Within GIF Select – details HERE

  • September Newsletter – HERE
  • Changes to Investment Products and Services – details HERE
  • Addition of death benefit payment option – details HERE